Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Joint Costal Security Exercise against anti naxals, terrorists held in Paradip of Orissa

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Report by Amarnath Parida;

Paradip: Indian Navy , coast guard and district police conducted joint costal security exercise in Paradip towards security measurers in costal line . District police has taken elaborate arrangement to conduct incident free exercise in Paradip.

Due to lapses of security facilities, infiltrators from Bangladeshi, and other neighboring countries have made their ways to enter with modern arms in Orissa coast. Infiltrators killed one forest guard of Rajnagar area recently so forest gourds have feared for patrolling in coast areas due to lack of infrastructure and non supply of modern equipments to counter them Similarly, fishery staff have no modern equipments and high speed boats so they have feared for patrolling in fishing harbours and fishing jetties . Staff shortages in different forest beat houses in costal areas have worsened the situation in which locals are living in panic condition. Realizing this situation, government has taken various steps to tighten the security in coastal areas.

Sources said that joint costal security exercise is going on in Paradip for possible attack of terrorists and naxals in costal areas on water ways. Two groups have been formed as Red Force and Blue Force. Indian Navy has included in Red Force while Indian Coast Guard under Blue force. The main activities of red force were to attack or hijack the terrorists in water ways while blue force was to intercept the suspected ultras. If blue and red force would fail to trace out the ultras so marine police which is patrolling within 12 nautical miles from coastal line have to attack the ultras. If entire system failed to nab the ultras, so costal police would take major role to trace out the ultras, All the personnel of Indian Navy , Costa Guard , police , fishery and forest officials demonstrated this exercise in Paradip in which four vessels , four boats and trawlers pressed into service to perform this exercise.

Jagatsinghpur district having a 50 Kms long costal line stretching from Puri to Kendrapada has strategic importance in costal security. To upgrade security in costal lines, government has tightened the security in costal areas of different states. In Orissa, Indian Navy, Coast guard and district police have organized this exercise from 29th to 30 th July ’09. For the above exercise, the entire coast has been divided into four sectors Paradip, Erasama, Kujang and Balikuda. Indian Navy and coast guard exercised their deep sea patrolling in Paradip. Fishery and forest department have also pressed into service in this exercise. One fishery officer in condition of anonymity has expressed that this exercise will be meaningless if steps would be not taken for the development of infrastructure.

Forest patrolling staffs have been demanded to supply life jacket, safety equipments, modern arms, high speed boats but nothing has been improved to modernize the system Staff shortages in different forest and fishery department have worsened the situation in which locals are living in panic condition.

Police has taken elaborate arrangement to guard the suspected landing points, vital installations, sensitive points, important persons by putting picket points along with coast line. Picket posts have been opened in coast line in which police officials have been pressed to identify the ultras, prevent their entries and to apprehend to them. Quick response teams have been pressed into service to meet any eventuality. District superintendent of police Mr S.Debdatt Singh and other police officials have monitored the situation to make this joint costal security exercise peacefully in Paradip area.

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