Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kidnapping attempt: Indication of frustration among Naxals

Diwakar Phatak, TNN 29 July 2009, 03:28am IST

GONDIA: The kidnapping drama by Naxalites in the Deori forest on Saturday and Sunday appears to be a clear indication of the desperation among the
rank and file of the organization, due to the apprehension that the proposed recruitment of jawans for the Indian Reserve Battalion (IRB) could rob the Maoist movement of its young recruits. Gondia superintendent of police Pradip Deshpande has called upon all youths in the region to apply for this recruitment process, keeping aside all fears or doubts in their minds about the Naxals in the region.

Five youths of Chichgadh region of Deori tehsil had been kidnapped by the Naxalites on Saturday and kept in custody for over 24 hours before they were released unharmed on Sunday night after being threatened of dire consequences if the tribal villagers cooperated with either the recruitment process or the training camps organized by the police for the same. The police said that according to the known modus operandi of the Naxalites, they never release abducted persons and usually kill them immediately. However, surprisingly the Naxals have let off these five youths to spread a scare all over the state to dissuade youth from joining the IRB.

Deshpande pointed out that the television media was tactfully misused by the Naxals in such a way that a scare spread all over the state that Naxals are hitting back at those applying for recruitment. However, Deshpande expressed confidence that over 30,000 youths have already applied for the recruitment process of just 675 posts. He said these youths should not be discouraged by this incident and instead go ahead with preparations for the recruitment.

The top cop said that the Naxalites were more scared about this recruitment process, because it was mentioned in the advertisement that preference shall be given to youths who know the local tribal language. Also, Deshpande said that not only this but the youths were also being trained by the police department at Gannutola police outpost centre (POC) in handling arms and guerrilla tactics, and this could be a real threat to the local Naxal movement. He also hinted that some such trained youths could infiltrate the Naxal movement to help the police.

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