Monday, July 13, 2009

Maoists raid house of CPM leader

MIDNAPORE, 12 JULY: After killing two CPI-M activists and compelling a dozen to desert the party at gun-point at Sirshi in Chandra anchal of Midnapore Sadar block, Maoists raided the house of another CPI-M leader at Memul in Salboni block yesterday throwing up a further challenge to the joint forces. Mr Sudarshan Das, a branch committee member of the party, was not at home when the Maoist activists raised his residence. The armed activists then severely beat up his 65-year-old father, Mr Abani Das, who was alone at home. The gang torched their two-storied mud house after ransacking it. The son of the CPI-M leader has been living outside over the past six months since the Maoists threatened the leader and asked him to quit the party and join them, said the leader’s father.

But he didn’t give importance to the Maoist diktat which was enough to earn their wrath. Moreover, he helped the CPI-M stalwart of the village, Mr Niranjan Deb Singh , flee when the latter’s house was raided and torched by the Maoists recently.
These two incidents of Midnapore Sadar and Salboni at an interval of 20 hours are a pointer to the fact that Maoists, untamed even after a 24-day flush out operation by the forces, have reconsolidated their grip in some parts of Jungle Mahal with renewed vigour and that too in presence of 44 companies of the joint forces in the district.

The opening of newer fronts by the Maoists, a tactic of guerrilla warfare of the outfit, was enough to bewilder the police. The anti-CPI-M operation of the Maoists would get a momentum if monsoon deepens compelling the forces to remain confined to their barracks.

Police even failed to gather information about the movements of the Maoists inside the jungles and more so the assembling of over 100 local Maoists in Chandra anchal on 8 July when they held a trial of the CPI-M comrades of the area who had to quit the party finally on Saturday by issuing written statements for their survival.
The SP Mr Manoj Verma, however, said that the combing operation was continuing as before. But no arrest has been reported in connection with Midnapore Sadar and Salboni incidents. Despite the claim of the SP, some villagers of Belpahari, Pirakata and Salboni told The Statesman that the police hardly patrol deep inside the villages.

A district committee leader of the CPI-M said that if the party comrades are being butchered and their houses torched in presence of joint forces they shudder to think what would happen when the forces leave the district after 31 July. The district Congress president Mr Nirmal Ghosh questioned the need for deploying joint forces, camping of state secretaries and frequent movement of state officials by air making blueprints to tackle the Maoists at a daily expense of Rs 8 to 10 lakhs from the cash-starved state exchequer as the Maoist menace has not been checked going by the Midnapore Sadar and Salboni incidents. The DM Mr NS Nigam however said he had no knowledge about the expenses on maintenance of the forces. ;SNS

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