Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Maoists readying for the kill

M P PrashanthFirst Published : 28 Jul 2009 02:21:00 AM ISTLast Updated :

KOZHIKODE: Concerned with the possibility of a well-orchestrated onslaught on its strongholds, the CPI(Maoist) is busy preparing a blueprint for a counter offensive to checkmate the security forces.

The Maoists expect a vigorous military campaign against them after the meeting of the Chief Ministers of Naxal-affected areas convened by Home Minister P Chidambaram next month. They believe that the CRPF forces, presently deployed in Jammu and Kashmir, will be redeployed in stat e s like Chat t i s g arh and Jharkhand to engage the Maoists.

What particularly worries the Maoists is the move to attack the Abujmaad area in Chattisgarh which is considered to be the headquarters of the party. The area, which has not been surveyed by the government, is an impregnable bastion of the Maoists.

The party Congress of the CPIML( Peoples War) was held in the area in 2001. Maoist leaders like Ganapathi are believed to be operating from here after the security forces intensified hunt for them.

``The scanning of the entire area (Maad) by satellite is almost on the verge of completion and the satellite images and the concrete topographical map of entire Maad will be ready in another month. Based on these maps, complete with all hamlets, forest tracks, water points etc, the police and Central forces will carry out their operations,’’ says a document prepared by the politburo of CPI(Maoist).

The battle, according to the Maoists, will be severe and brutal. The `decisive’ mandate the Congress got in the Lok Sabha polls will embolden the Centre to unleash violence on the Maoists. Therefore there is `need for enormous sacrifices on the part of the party, the PLGA (Peoples Liberation Guerrilla Army) and the masses,’’ says the document.

Sources say there will be increased incidents of violence in Maoist-cont ro l l e d are a s Chhat t i s g arh, Jharkhand and Orissa in the coming days. The Tactical Counter Offensive Campaigns (TCOC) by the guerrillas will be meant to boost the morale of its forces and to divert the attention of the security forces.

New war zones will be created in areas which have not witnessed Naxal violence till now to prevent the forces from concentrating on Maad.

Simultaneously, there will be a propaganda campaign projecting the attack on Maad as the onslaught on Maadia Gonds, one of the oldest surviving tribes in India. The campaign will stress that the attack is part of the conspiracy to hand over the mineral- rich areas to tycoons like the Tatas and Essar.

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