Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Maoists Threaten Indian Politicians

2009-7-21 11:7

Last month India's government banned and formally labeled Maoist insurgents a terrorist group.

Police say they’re taking the threats seriously and will do whatever they need to do keep the officials safe.

"We are taking the threats seriously, we will exercise all caution and ensure that these Maoists are not successful."

Meanwhile, state Congress leadership, which is also threatened, urges authorities not to take the issue lightly.

[Alok Dubey, Congressional Spokesperson]:
"We request the administration to not to take their (Maoists) threat lightly and to take it seriously. It is a serious issue in Jharkhand along with the whole country."

The banning of the Maoist’s political party came only a month after the Congress-led government won a resounding re-election.

State police will still be the main agency battling the rebels. There is little sign of India calling in the army to fight the insurgents, who have been spreading across eastern, central and southern India.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has described the Maoists as the biggest internal security challenge since independence.

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