Friday, July 17, 2009

Naryanpatna Repetition at Raikia of Phulbani - Orissa

Friday, July 17, 2009

Report by Manoj K.Dash;

Berhampur: One side Government neglecting Maoist activity and other side Maoist distributed 40 acres of cultivated land to Tribal at Raikia of Phulbani district. Every day Maoist activators capturing one after one area from undivided Ganjam, Koraput and Kandhamal Districts. In the name of “CHASI MULIA SANGHA” non Tribal people those have captured the cultivated land now those lands are under the custody of Maoists. Maoist activists were more alert after the 2007 violence in Kandhamal District. Although all the information’s are available with the Government but authorities are not much serious about it

Ranaba Panchyat an interior village of Kandhamal Maoist were captured 40 acres of land from two Mahajans and donated to landless Tribals. Now from Ranaba from Maharaja family 100 Varana (20 acres) and from a another family 200 Varana (40 Acres) of land distributed to Tribal family

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