Thursday, July 23, 2009

Naxalites extort funds meant for development of schools in Jharkhand


Posted: Thursday , Jul 23, 2009 at 1942 hrs

In Jharkhand, the latest victims of Naxalites are school children. Naxalites are demanding money from schools from the grants received by them from the government.

In Latehar, they demanded Rs.50,000 as ‘levy’ from a school and threatened dire consequences in case they were not paid the demanded amount.

These Naxalites want to get a share of the the Rs. 6.3 million fund allocated for construction and development of the school by the government. The principal and members of the village education committee have been threatened not to spend funds.

“A letter ordering closure of the school has been written to the Head, President and Headmaster of the school. Besides they have been directed to send Rs.50,000 (to Naxalites), ”said the headmistress of the Government secondary school, Sinjo in Latehar.

The Naxalites, who seek to garner sympathy for their ‘struggle’ against the administration from the general public, in fact want to exploit funds meant for people’s welfare. .

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They have destroyed around six schools in rural areas of the State in the last six months, which have to respond to their demands.

People are now aware that Naxalite Commanders, who harass them, providing best education to their own children . The children of many Naxalites are presently studying in prestigious colleges of the country.

“These people collect money. The raise funds from government representatives, contractors, and other people and use it for purchasing arms and ammunition,” said Prakash Singh, former Inspector General of Police.

Naxalites objectives have been exposed . People have realised how Naxalites and criminals are only two sides of the same coin.

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