Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Naxals in Orissa oppose development projects

July 27th, 2009 - 5:44 pm

Bhubaneshwar, July 26 (ANI): The security measures recently undertaken by the Central and State Government in Orissa are proving highly frustrating for Naxals in the State. And they are carrying out attacks to prevent the implementation of these measures.

According to Defense expert, Nihar Nayak, the recent Naxal attacks in Orissa indicate that the Naxals are changing their strategy. It is necessary that the police should be aware of the change in Naxal strategy.

Nayak says that Naxal groups often take advantage of the socio economic problems of the people in less developed areas. Their effort is to prevent development. They have more areas to operate in if there is no development.

In Orissa, Naxalites have been trying to discourage entry of foreign companies or make them hesitant to invest and set up their business. They are unconcerned that their activities will harm the progress of the State and the nation.

Naxalites have a fear that if these areas developed, the support of common people for them will become less and that would affect their base.

Executing stringent actions against Naxals, is the need of the hour to root out their nuisance all round, says Nihar Nayak.

The Government of India has advised the governments of Naxal-affected states to work together and adopt coordinated strategies to dismantle naxalism. (ANI)

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