Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Orissa Government determined to root out Naxalism(Lead: Naxalism)

From ANI

Bhubaneshwar, July 27 : The Government of Orissa has appointed 2100 Special Police officers and raised four battalions of the India Reserve Police to fight Maoists in the State.

The decision has been taken by the State following the killing of 74 security personnel and 22 civilians in 56 incidents across the State in 2008. That was in comparison to the killings of 15 security personnel and two civilians in 52 incidents in 2007, a White Paper released by the Orissa Government indicated.

The Central and State governments have decided to coordinate efforts to curb, control and eliminate the growing menace of Naxals in Orissa.

The government is presently carrying out various operations to uproot Naxalism and ensure relief to people through normalising the law and order situation.

The security measures are proving to be highly frustrating for Naxals. As a result, they are carrying out desperate attacks.

According to Defense expert, Nihar Nayak, the recent Naxal attack in Orissa has indicated that Naxals have changed their strategy. He pointed out that police have to change their strategy too.

Nayak points out that Naxal problem is actually a socio-economical problem. And, the Naxalite groups often take advantage of the situations in less developed areas. This is the reason why industries and development projects are always on their hit list.

Naxalites believe that violence will discourage foreign companies and make them hesitant to invest and set up their businesses in interior areas. That would harm the economic development of the State.

Naxalites feel that if the interior areas are developed , their base would be eroded. Therefore, stringent action against Naxals is the need of the hour, according to Nayak.

The Home Minister, P. Chidambaram, has advised the governments of Naxal-affected states to work together and coordinate their strategies to dismantle Naxalism.

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