Saturday, July 25, 2009

Orissa to recruit 3000 SPOs and 4000 homeguards, budgetary demands of Home deptt. accepted

Friday, July 24, 2009

Report by Orissadiary
Bhubaneswar : he state government would recruit 3000 Special Police Officers (SPOs) and 4000 homeguards in coming days. Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik informed this during a debate on budgetary demand for Home department in the assembly on Friday.

The government has also increased the salary of homeguards from Rs 90 to Rs 110 per day. As per the new guidelines, the homeguards would work for 300 days in a year. Earlier the time frame stood at 220 days.

The Chief Minister has also announced an ITI to be built in each block in the state. Around 100 ITIs would come up in next two years to facilitate employment opportunity for talented youths.

The government has also decided to fill up the vacancies of 100 para-medical posts soon in tribal-dominated regions in the state. Naveen announced that Rs 2 lakh would be spent for promotion of sports-related activities in tribal-dominated districts.

The demand of 1596 Crore 48 Lakh 32 thousand of Home department and demand of 70 Crore 82 Lakh 9 thousand for General administration department has been accepted in the house in oral votes.While the opposition members opposed and the rulling members supported.The opposition congress members walked out.

The Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik expressed to the house in reply to the discussion that about four thousand boys and girls will be appointed as home guards .Three thousand SOGs will be appointed to strengthen the state Police. Tribals will be given preference for the same.ITI cenres will be opened in every Blocks ,basically in the tribal blocks. Hence forth for purchase of athletic /sports materials two lakhs will be given to the districts.

About 9 thousand forest case and three thousand cases against the tribals have been withdrawn. After 2004 Orissa Police have killed 54 Naxals and seized 840 guns .Recently two Naxal Couples have surrendered as the government has prepared attractive settlement plan for them.For appointment of the tribals in the defense service we have requested the Union Home Minister for relaxation of the requisites for the tribal youths. Those will be recruited as home guards will be engaged for 300 days in a year instead of 220 days and their remuneration will be raised to Rs 110 from Rs 90.

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