Friday, July 31, 2009

Schools turn cop camps in red-ravaged Lalgarh


Lalgarh: In this rebellion-torn village of West Bengal, school students are facing the brunt of the post-Naxal crisis.

It’s been over a month since they attended classes after their school was taken over by security forces, who came to rid Lalgarh of Naxals.

All schools slowly turned into police camps and when students protested, they were beaten up.

They are now on a fast demanding the schools be opened.

“We are forced to study here, we asked them to vacate our school but were beaten up,” recalls Barnali Bej, a class VIII student.

So while a temporary solution has been worked out for them – the locals have taken the initiative of setting up make-shift schools - the students are studying in utter discomfort.

Police say they would take some time to find alternative accommodation for the students and the Bengal government has given them time till August to give the schools back to the children.

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