Friday, July 17, 2009

A Year After- Orissa Govt forgets promises made to martyr’s family in Malkangiri

Friday, July 17, 2009
Report by Deba Prasad Dash;

Malkangiri: It seems that Chief Minister Naveen Pattnaik has forgotten the promises made by him to the 17 martyr’s police families who lost their earning members in a tragic landmine blast triggered by the Maoists at M.P.V-126 on July 16 last year. It was said to be the state’s biggest Maoist attack.A year has been passed since than, however, the promises have not been fulfilled so far.

It is on this day on July 16 last year, 17 Special Operation Group(SOG) Commandos including Police Reserve Inspector Sarat Chandra Mishra were killed on the spot when the Mines Protective Vehicle carrying them were blown up following a high intense landmine blast triggered by the Maoists. The intense of the explosion was so high that,the vehicle was damaged completely. A year after the incident, the marty’s family member have not forgotten the tragic incident that snatched their family members from them. Emotions ran high here at the Police Ground on Thursday,when the district police were celebrating the first death anniversary of the martyrs.The wounds of the tragedy were still fresh in the minds of the family members on the occasion and many of them broke down when the Collector Nitinbhanudas Jawale and Superintendent of Police Satyabrata Bhoi walked to the Martyr’s Pillar to garland the photos of all the 17 martyrs at the ‘saheed Sthamba’ . Most of the family members turned speechless, their voices choked with emotions. The Anti-Extremists Training Centre situated at the police ground premises here was named after Police Reserve Inspector Sarat Chandra Mishra who laid down his life along with the 17 other SOG Commandos in the MPV-126 attack last year.

But unfortunately, a year after the incident, the package declared by the Chief minister Naveen Pattnaik here on July 22 for the martyrs family remains only in papers except the exgratia of Rs.4 lakh that was handed over to the family members by the Chief minister on the day. Neither any of our family members have been provided employment or nor four decimal homestead patta land which the Chief minister had committed to us here just a year back , told the grieved martyrs family members to this reporter.

The martyrs family members, said it was unfortunate that now politics had started affecting “our martyrs and patriotic police personnels, who lay down their lives for the country. We should avoid it and treat our martyrs, especially our deceased police personnel’s , as a glorious part of our history. Otherwise those who rule the country should remember that consequences would be too bad”.

With the total compensation amount yet to reach the martyrs family,many old and dependent parents who lost their only earning sons in the last years landmine blast , have alleged that they are leading a miserable life as they have not been given any amount of the exgratia received by their daughter-in-laws. However,the legal experts says that the parents are legally entitled to get due share of the exgratia and all other compensastions.Contacted, Lawyer Badal Panigrahi said as per the Hindu succession act, all the successors of the deceased are entitled for the benefits.

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