Monday, August 17, 2009

Government to set up Regional Intelligence Centres: Chidambaram

New Delhi, Aug 17 (ANI): Union Home Minister P.Chidambaram on Monday said the Central Government is considering to set up Regional Intelligence Centres (RIC) to train personnel in intelligence gathering and analysis.

Chidambaram was addressing at the daylong chief ministers’ conference on internal security in the national capital on Monday.

“While some States have set up a separate intelligence cadre, there are inadequate training facilities for intelligence gathering and intelligence analysis. The Central Government may consider setting up Regional Intelligence Centres to train State intelligence personnel in intelligence gathering and intelligence analysis,” Chidambaram said.

Chidambaram informed that only 12 State Governments and Union Territories had sent their responses to the questionnaire sent by the Union Home Ministry asking about the preparation of the states for this conference.

He asked the others States to respond quickly so that the Centre could facilitate the formulation of policy, the allocation of funds and the monitoring of progress to strengthen the internal security system.

The Home Minister said to quicken the procurement of weapon, the Central Government might consider central procurement of weapons on behalf of the States.

He expressed concern over the large scale vacant positions in all ranks of the police forces and asked the states to speed up the recruitment process.

Chidambaram appealed to the chief ministers to find a more effective instrument to expedite the infrastructure building programmes, both in border areas as well as in naxal affected areas.

Noting the communal situation in the States, Chidambaram said, “…there is a vast improvement in the situation. There are still pockets of strife and disharmony. If numbers can tell a story or at least point to trends, it appears, that five States are rather sensitive. I intend to write to the Chief Ministers of these five States and request them to pay special attention to this matter.”

Chidambaram stressed on reviewing and improving the surrender-cum-rehabilitation policy for the naxals and terrorists so as to make it more lucrative than it presently is.

Chidambaram said, the Centre might consider imparting territorial army training for a period of four months to fishermen during the off season and these trained fishermen could be kept as reserve and summoned if the need arises.

“Since the supply of high speed interceptor boats from the two ship building yards is limited, the Central Government may consider importing such boats,” Chidambaram said.

Chidambaram asked the states to strengthen the security in the places of historical importance, heritage sites, places of religious worship, and iconic establishments.

He said the executive orders are as effective and enforceable as legislation as long as they do not interfere with the fundamental rights of any person.

Chidambaram urged the states to form Police Establishment Board so as to have a better coordination with the forces. “I urge States that have not yet established a Police Establishment Board to do so immediately. The Board will, in no way, diminish the authority of the Chief Minister or the Home Minister. On the contrary, it will greatly help the Chief Minister and the Home Minister in conveying the message of fairness and non-discrimination, and they can always intervene in exceptional situations,”Chidambaram said. (ANI)

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