Saturday, August 08, 2009

Maoist leader warns West Bengal

Raktima Bose

KOLKATA: “The joint operation of the security forces has failed as it was bound to. The West Bengal government should brace itself for further failures in near future,” Maoist leader Bikas said on Friday, a day after the government admitted that the security operation for flushing out the Maoists could not achieve expected results.

Speaking over the phone from his hideout somewhere in the Lalgarh region, Mr. Bikas told The Hindu that the State took “too much time” to admit that what the Maoists have been claiming form the start. Holding out a warning against any “misstep” by the State government, he said: “It will not be easy for the security forces to go back from here [Lalgarh]. We will see to it.”

Asked about the tactics that they intend to adopt given the fact that the State government has decided to take up “area-specific strategies” within the next 15-20 days, he said: “We do not create unnecessary hype about our tactics. The government talks tall about its plans only to fail afterwards.”

Referring to the local support as the foundation of their success so far, he said the forces will continue facing resistance from the people.

Regarding the two policemen who have gone missing since July 30 and remain untraced till date, Mr. Bikas said the Maoists are not responsible for the incident. He, however, pointed out to the possibility of the policemen facing public wrath for their involvement in alleged atrocities against local people.

He also refuted the Maoists’ role in the recent spate of killing of supporters of Jharkhand Party (Naren).

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