Thursday, August 06, 2009

Maoists gun down 2 more in Midnapore

TNN 6 August 2009, 04:26am IST

MIDNAPORE: Two more persons were gunned down by Maoists in West Midnapore district between Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning. While one of
the two killed was a member of the Gana Pratirodh Committee (GPC), the other was branded a police informer by the Naxalites.

The deaths have taken the toll of villagers kilkled by Maoists, since security forces launched their operations in June, to six.

Around 10 pm on Tuesday, an armed mob of about 30 pulled out Gunadhar Singh (40) from his home at Majugeria village under Belpahari PS and took him to the Bhulabheda forest, barely a kilometre away, and shot him twice. He died on the spot.

Villagers said Singh was earlier a member of the Jharkhand Party (Naren) and had recently joined GPC, an anti-Maoist organisation that is said to be backed by CPM.

Around 2 am on Wednesday, nearly 500 people some of them armed turned up outside Ramshankar Adhikary's house at Chilgora village under Kotwali PS on the outskirts of Midnapore town. When Ramshankar (37) emerged with brother Shaktipada, they were marched towards the road to Sirsi with their hands tied behind their backs. Shaktipada was allowed to return home but Ramshankar was told that he had been sentenced to death as he had informed police at the Chandra camp.

"We went to the Chandra police camp around 6.30 am and asked for help. The policemen told us: Amader ghar sansar nei naki (Don't we have families of our own).' They only came around noon to take away the body," said Renu Das. Police also retrieved a page from a diary, which mentioned that Adhikary was a police spy and the Maoists would carry out such strikes till the operations continued.

Shaktipada said he would leave the village. "My brother was a lorry driver, who had managed to buy a motorcycle after years of hard work. We have only 4-5 cottahs and can barely make ends meet. It is possible that my brother was mistaken to be an informer as his father-in-law is a policeman," he said.

However maoists, including their leader Bikash, maintained that Adhikary spent much time at the Chandra police camp.

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