Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Maoists ready with counter-strategies

Gyan Varma / DNATuesday, August 4, 2009 3:00 IST Email

New Delhi: The Maoists seem to have rightly calculated the possibility of the United Progressive Alliance government launching a major offensive along the red corridor, if their internal documents and actions are anything to go by. In fact, they have given paramilitary forces their bloodiest nose ever.

Documents recovered from the outlawed group in Chhattisgarh show a detailed strategy to counter the coming aggressive operations against them. According to the documents, the red brigade is recruiting more people and training them to widen the areas of operation to stop paramilitary forces from reaching their strongholds.

The documents, assessing the Lok Sabha elections and detailing the Maoists' plans, show that the underground group was expecting the centre to harden its stand after the polls.

They show that the Maoists plan to build a countrywide mass movement. Along with the movement, the Maoists plan to enhance the involvement of cadres in fighting paramilitary forces.

"To counter the advance of security forces, we have to expand our guerilla war to newer areas on one hand, and intensify mass resistance in existing areas," say the documents.

The Maoist literature also states that what is needed is meticulous planning against security personnel, special police officers and police informants, action against betrayers and arrested persons, and not maintaining party records. The documents say that there is not only a need to raise people's issues, but also to arm and mobilise people into mass militant movements.

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