Saturday, August 08, 2009

Maoists Threaten Police Recruits

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Maoists have put up posters in various villages, warning people against joining the India Reserve Battalion, or IRB. Because of this, some young people are now skeptical and are rethinking their decision, or are waiting for their friends to decide.

[Jagarnath Sing, Potential Police Recruit]:
"I just read the poster, but I can't make a decision alone. If my friends do not go, I won't either."

The handwritten poster asks young people to boycott the recruitment.

Meanwhile police are trying to assure people that adequate security arrangements have been made to protect recruits.

[Vinay Kumar Singh, Policeman]:
"The superintendent of police has made adequate arrangements, all those who have applied should not have any problems."

India’s Jharkhand is one of nine states badly affected by decades of Maoist revolt. Last month Maoists threatened India’s Prime Minister and the Chief of India’s ruling Congress party.

The warning comes a month after the government listed the Maoists as a terrorist group.

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