Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Powerful Naxals vs a helpless govt

On Monday, August 03, 2009

Security has become one of the major concerns of the Union and the State governments today. India now faces threats not only from outside but also from Naxalite groups. This has also been accepted by the PM Dr Manmohan Singh.

Naxalites basically fight for their rights but in a violent way. The Indian Armed forces are not that compatible with them. The inefficiency is not in the police forces but the corrupt government officials and the ministers who are more interested in the vote-bank politics but not in the problems of the masses. It is not just a social problem as claimed by the politicians but a socio-political issue which has to be handled on priority.

Government officials being biased towards the low socio-economic class people, they are not allowed to exercise their basic human rights as prescribed in the constitution.
Only when the distinction between the caste and class will reduce, the problems facing the country will diminish.
The only way to reduce this socio-political issue is to improve and change the mindset and the working of the people in the administration and to create awareness among the civilians about the inequality and injustice that is prevalent in our country.
Prachi Majumdar, Bhopal

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