Friday, November 13, 2009

Hold unconditional talks with Maoists: Ramadoss to Centre

PTI 13 November 2009, 04:07pm IST

CHENNAI: PMK leader S Ramadoss on Friday said "faulty" land policy followed by Centre and state governments resulted in the spread of naxalism and
asked the Centre to invite top Maoist leaders for unconditional talks.

He told reporters in Chennai that though he despised the armed struggle by the Maoists, the naxals "intentions and reasons are just."

Instead of using force to crush them, Centre should invite top Maoist leaders for unconditional talks, "as they have not come from any other country," he said.

He criticised the land policy of the Centre and some state governments, stating that they favoured affluent industrialists.

Centre and some state governments, in the name of industrialisation and development, were driving out tribals from lands they were dependent on for generations, only to give them to the industrialists, he said.

"The bureaucrats and politicians have forgotten the innocent tribals and landless farmers. The root cause of naxalism is such a land policy as the Maoists fight against the exploitation of these sections of the society," he said.

To solve the naxal menace as well as work for the welfare of the tribals and others, the government must give the land to those who are dependent on it, besides measures like free compulsory school education for tribal students.

On the allegations of land-grabbing against Karnataka High Court Chief Justice P D Dinakaran, which has affected his elevation to the Supreme Court, Ramadoss said since Justice Dinakaran was a Dalit, only another Dalit judge should be elevated to the apex court in the event of him not being promoted.

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