Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Maoists hamper poll campaign

Law Kumar Mishra, TNN 17 November 2009, 11:29pm IST
DHANBAD: The Maoists have given a poll boycott call at several places in and around Dhanbad and Giridih districts despite the fact that six Naxal leaders are contesting the assembly elections.

They are also not allowing other candidates to campaign at Rajganj and Dumri in Dhanbad and Giridih districts, respectively.

Armed Maoists have given a call to boycott the polls at Tealiya, Palma, Jatipur, Nawda, Bagaro, Harladih and Maniyadih villages of Dhanbad.

On Monday, they also attacked a security camp at Khudisar under Dumri police station, where forces were stationed for election duties. Vehicles of two election campaigners were also attacked and glass panes were damaged. The tyres of the cars were also punctured.

At Dumri, about 200 Maoists attacked the security camp and exchanged fire with security forces. However, no one was injured.

The posters isuued by the Maoists have demanded punishment to the police officers committing atrocities on tribals and alleged that police provoke violence in many parts of the state.

They also talked of corruption in the National Rural Employment Guarantee Schemes in villages and asked the people to boycott the election.

The NRGEA employees union too have issued an appeal to the employees working in 4500 panchayats in the state to either boycott the elections or vote"suitable" candidates. The executive commitee of the union will meet on November 22 to issue guidelines to NRGEA employees for the elections.

The union has asked its members to demand Form 17 under the People's Representation Act from the presiding officers and declare they were not able to select any nominee since all were incapable.

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