Sunday, November 15, 2009

Naxals increase 'levy' to combat security forces

New Delhi, Nov 15 (PTI) Naxalites have increased the 'levy' taken from traders and locals to meet the rise in prices of arms and ammunition procured by them to fight the security forces.
Documents seized by central security agencies in some of the recent Naxal operations suggest that the levy, which is usually between five to ten per cent of the income, has been increased by about two per cent.

This, sources said, could be primarily because either the central leadership of the left-wing extremists has felt the need for more income or it could also be the handiwork of smaller units of Naxals trying to make extra money.

The 'levy', a kind of commission or protection money charged from businessmen and others in Naxal-infested areas, is a money spinner for the Naxals with annual revenue of over Rs 1,500 crore.

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