Thursday, December 24, 2009

Did Maoists tip scales in favour of proxies?

Sonali Das, TNN 24 December 2009, 03:20am IST

RANCHI: For all their proclaimed aversion to parliamentary democracy and the calls for poll boycott that they issue, Maoists were very much in the
fray in the Jharkhand polls, both overtly and covertly.

Though they did not win, except a couple including Paulus Surin, the successful JMM nominee from Torpa, they are seen as having tipped the scales in some constituencies in favour of JMM and RJD.

In Torpa constituency, the writ of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha candidate Paulus Surin, a former Jharkhand Liberation Tiger (JLT) area commander, was evident. Apart from Surin's campaign vehicles, no poster banner or poll vehicle of any other party was visible anywhere. Similarly in Vishrampur constituency of Palamu district, which sent former Maoist Kameswar Baitha to Parliament in 2009 despite his being behind bars, Yugal Pal, a former Maoist, was contesting on a JMM ticket from inside the jail. Throughout the length and breadth of the assembly segment campaigning by other political party other than the JMM were conspicuous by their absence. "It is out of fear or reprisal of the former Maoists that other political parties have not ventured here," said a BJP candidate.

Surin won in Torpa and the mandate in five assembly segments of Palamu constituency in this assembly election has proved that Baitha has failed to weave the magic even though his wife Deomunia campaigned actively for Pal. Voters in Palamu have rejected the Maoists writ proving that fear was not the key to winning elections in these segments.

Though the JMM has managed to hold on to the tally of 18 that it enjoyed in the 2005 elections, the two former naxals on which the party had banked largely in the naxal-hit district of Palamu did not pay off as none of them won. Keshwar Yadav, contesting on the RJD ticket, also could not register a win.

Satish Kumar polled 4,444 votes in Daltonganj while Keshwar Yadav could get only 8,772 votes from Panki. However, Yugal Pal secured the second position in Vishrampur with 16,102 votes.

That the fear factor of the Maoists was rejected by voters was also evident in the voter turnout in areas where the CPI (Maoists) had given a call for poll boycott. For example in Latehar, where Maoists enjoy liberated zones where the police fear to tread and there was a call for poll boycott, the voter turnout was above 57%. Again in Garhwa, where the Maoists had forbidden voters to come out, the turnout was 62%. It was 61% in Chatra.

According to observers, Maoists normally do not give a call for poll boycott. Instead they issue a diktat to vote in favour of candidates they support either from the JMM or RJD and sometimes independents. In Jalim village of Latehar district, the Maoists, according to villagers, had knocked on every door to garner support for RJD candidate Prakash Ram and even abducted an independent candidate to facilitate his victory. Ram, however, lost the election. "We will reject the diktat of the Maoists and will vote for development," the villagers had said.


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