Thursday, December 17, 2009

Maoist strategy session caught on camera

17 Dec 2009, 1734 hrs IST

As Jharkhand enters its final phase of polling the Maoists have given the centre and state governments an open dare. TIMES NOW has accessed to a Maoists training session that promises to do all they can to disrupt the polling process in Jharkhand.

In Palamu, around 200 maoists can be seen at a a meeting preparing for more violence. One of the maoist leaders who spoke to TIMES NOW said they would traget schools and hospitals because they believe the buildings are being used as a cover for police camps. They also say, any political leader part of the polling process would also need to face their wrath.

Prasenjit, Naxal Zonal Commander, said, "All leaders who are part of the elections are our targets. We will also target schools and hospitals. That's because those buildings are being used as police camps."

Meanwhile, Jatin narwal, SP, Palamu, said, "Our police force is equipped and well prepared to fight the Naxals."


Anand said...

Is it lapses of the administration or the proof how people are forcedly covicted for own uses.

Anonymous said...

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