Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Maoist unrest wrecking education in India

Wed, Dec 09, 2009

NEW DELHI - Fighting between Indian troops and Maoist rebels has derailed schooling for tens of thousands of children in the east of the country, Human Rights Watch said Wednesday.

The US-based group's complaint came after another Maoist attack on a school in Jharkhand state on Tuesday and the rebel beheading of a teacher in adjoining West Bengal state last week.

Human Rights Watch said in a report that Maoists routinely destroy school buildings, and also accused government security forces of occupying many schools while fighting the left-wing insurgents.

"Maoists say they are fighting for India's poor, but their attacks on schools deprive children of the education they desperately need," HRW researcher Bede Sheppard said.

"At the same time, long-term police occupation of schools puts these children right in the midst of danger and trauma, keeps them from their classrooms, and frightens them away."

The insurgency began as a peasant uprising in 1967 and has now spread to 20 of India's 29 states.

"Primary schools have become soft targets because there is one in every village," Jharkhand's human resources secretary Mridula Sinha told AFP from the state capital Ranchi.

"It is a terror tactic to send the message that the Maoists can strike anywhere and it is also derailing education for the poorest of the poor," she said.


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