Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nagpur court acquits four Naxal leaders

Nagpur, Dec 17 (PTI) A local court today acquitted four Naxal leaders, including top brass of Naxalite movement Arun Thomas Ferreira and Murli Satya Reddy, for lack of evidence of unlawful activities against them.

Dharendra Bhurale and Naresh Bansod were also let off by

Additional Session Judge R B Patil who said the police had failed to substantiate charges against them.

The court took into account contradictory evidence produced by police against them. In one such instance, police disclosed that a pistol had been seized from Ferreira at the time of his arrest but during the trial a firearm of different make was produced.

The four were arrested here two years back and were given the benefit of police lapses for producing contradictory evidence against them.

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