Monday, December 14, 2009

Now, Maoists insult school teachers

11 Dec 2009, 1055 hrs IST

TIMES NOW has accessed shocking visuals of a ‘kangaroo court’ proceeding by Maoists in West Bengal where activists of the Maoist-backed People’s Committee Against Police Actrocities publicly humiliate three school teachers for allegedly hiring incompetent staff.

A Maoist Kangaroo court was held recently in Satpati village in West Bengal’s Midnapore district. The footage available shows masked activists of the PCPA holding three teachers of a village school captive outside the school building and humiliated for allegedly getting an incompetent person inducted into the school’s teaching staff.

After an adhoc jury comes out with a ‘guilty’ verdict, as punishment, the convicted are lined up in shackles. The most senior teacher is punished first by being forced to wear a garland of shoes. Even women are not spared, as a female teacher is handed a similar garland of shame which she puts on in front of the camera hesitantly.

The garlanded ‘convicts’ are then paraded through the village as an example, as PCPA men shout slogans. This episode is just one of many instances of justice being delivered in the state, Maoist-style.


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