Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Sabotaged Schooling

Sabotaged Schooling
Naxalite Attacks and Police Occupation of Schools in India’s Bihar and Jharkhand States
December 9, 2009

हिंदी में सारांश और पीड़ितों की आपबीती के लिए लिंक:

Since this report went to print, attacks by Naxalites on schools have increased. In the past month, through December 8, 2009, at least another 14 schools in Jharkhand and 2 schools in Bihar have been bombed. Local media have reported that the Naxalites have carried out these attacks to prevent security forces from deploying in the schools for the elections. However, Human Rights Watch's research on past Naxalite attacks on schools suggests that the spike in Jharkhand attacks is linked to the Naxalites' efforts to pressure voters to boycott the month-long local assembly elections.

In an additional update, on October 27, the Ranchi High Court gave the police a further six months to comply with its November 21, 2008 order to vacate all occupied schools by the second week of January 2009.

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