Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Sri Lanka - LTTE trained Naxalites - Naxal leader

A senior Naxal leader who surrendered in Maharashtra, India last week has claimed that two LTTE cadres had visited camps in India twice to give training to the Naxal terrorists.

Naxal leader Rainu said that the LTTE cadres had taught the Naxals how to lay mines and handle grenades, reported the Indian Express.

Maoist groups in India have been known to collaborate with their counterparts across the border in Nepal and also occasionally with sympathizers elsewhere in South Asia but the senior Naxal leader claimed that a warfare expert from the Philippines also visited and stayed in a Bastar Naxal camp in Abujmad, stated the Indian Express.

“It is not very difficult for LTTE men to pass off as Indians, but how the Naxals managed a safe passage for a Filipino into territory where even the police can’t go, and back, is very curious,” said a security official who did not want to be named, the Indian Express further said.