Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chikmagalur: Naxals shift their base to Sakleshpur?

Chikmagalur Feb 14: Naxal activities that shook Western ghats have become comparatively lesser over the years. The police and the local residents are analysing the trend in different ways. After a visit of the naxalites to a village in Sringeri about two months ago, the naxals have not shown up in any places in the subsequent days.

A general belief is that due to beefed up police combing in Sringeri area, naxals must have shifted their area of functioning elsewhere. According to police sources, it is said that there are all possibilities of naxalites having shifted to Sakleshpur forest area.

There has been no traces of B G Krishnamurthy, the leader naxal movement in Sringeri. Police are opting to take it as the ‘silence before the storm’ and are preparing themselves to confront the naxalites. Though the police have been visiting remote areas, collecting data on naxalites, they have still not found naxal hide outs.

“The naxals have given up their uniforms. There are informations on naxal visits to villages and we are trying to analyse their pattern of movement and predict their next move. The hide and seek is still going on but the naxal menace has been reduced comparatively,” says a senior police official.

However, an incident of a person from Bihar trying to hold meeting of tribals has come to light in Menasinahadya area. It is said that the villagers shun him away and later informed the police about the same. There are strong hear say in the Malnad region about new leadership showing up in the region. Koppa DySp Abdul Ahmed said that villagers have decided to stay away from influence of the naxalites paying heed to the words of government officials. This he says is the main reason for decline of the naxal movement. “The Government has changed its stand on vacating people from their lands, the wage for agriculture workers has been increased and cases are being booked against naxalite supporters. All these have contributed for the reduction in naxal activities,” he says.

Another notable point is that the so called self declared ‘intellectuals’ too have stopped giving out pro-naxal statements. Many police officials say that this has staggered the confidence of the naxalites.


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