Monday, February 08, 2010

Combing operation in Narasinghpur forests

Express News ServiceFirst Published : 08 Feb 2010 10:43:32 AM IST
BHUBANESWAR: Suspicious movements of four unidentified persons in the neighbourhood of Narasinghpur in Cuttack district has prompted the police to launch a combing operation.

Apprehending entry of Left-wing extremists, the Cuttack Police formed teams and scanned various localities and the forest areas but so far no trace of any such elements have come to fore.

Police took note of the matter after the residents of Munda Sahi village of Sheremunda had a fight with a group of four indenitified persons on February 1 night.
Sources said the four who came in a four-wheeler asked for food and offered heavy cash in return. Due to some differences, they picked up a quarrel with the locals. The locals said the four persons then brought out firearms and terrorised them. The firearms, the villagers claim, appeared sophisticated.

However, once the strangers moved from that place, the matter came to the notice of the police which tried to investigate into the matter. Suspecting that Maoists may have made entry into the area through the forested tracts, the cops searched the forests and vicinity of Narasinghpur area but in vain.

Since the entire forest range is connected to Rairakhole which is a haven for the extremists, police had reasons to be cautious in its approach.

Besides, in the past, police had recovered Maoists campaign materials from Narasinghpur area and the movement of unidentified persons only bolstered the police suspicion.

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