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India's twin fights against Jihadists and Maoists

Category » Editorial Posted On Thursday, February 25, 2010
An accredited analyst recently pointed out that the Maoists are now outsmarting the Jihadists in matters of killing the innocents. India, therefore, need to be extra cautious in its internal security preparedness. Home Minister P. Chidambaram's initiative, ever since he took over charge- post 26/11 scenario, proved successful on one hand in taming cross border terrorism to a great extent and bringing relative peace in the troubled J&K State in particular, but on the other hand, since he has started a massive anti-Maoist 'Operation Green Hunt', the internal security apparatus appears to be over-burdened. And, perhaps, that was what our traditional foes across the border wanted to in pursuance of their real motive to weaken us on all fronts. There is no doubt that both Pakistan and China are clandestinely working in tandem towards that objective.

The latest announcement by India to start fresh dialogue with Pakistan, set at rest after the Mumbai incident, was not taken well by both ~ the perpetrators of cross border terrorism and their USP the State of Pakistan. The verbatim by Pakistani External Affairs establishment that they have made India for talks by diplomatically outmaneuring it, as it had no option but to agree for talks. In fact, it was a false bravado by Pak to appease its beleaguered people who are really fed up with Taliban and Al Qaeda attacks in city after city on almost every other day. While on one hand the NATO forces in Afghanistan started inflicting hard blows against Taliban, on the other side the US drone attacks on suspected targets, aiming Al Qaeda hideouts deep inside Pakistan, are making life miserable for the civilian government vis-a-vis the Pakistan's Army. General Kayani of the Pak Army, though bravely exclaimed that their Army is 'India specific', yet, India is getting itself ready to face any misadventure both from Pakistan and China on our respective borders. Under this piquant situation, India must see through the growing Maoist attacks. As we all know, about 13 Indian States are now declared as Maoist-infested and the 'Operation Green Hunt' is being mobilized, placing its strategic forces in Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. Before starting it in full fury, P Chidambaram offered an olive branch to the Maoists to lay down arms and come for talks to sort out their genuine problems, if any. This was after the States' Chief Ministers conference held at Delhi, where even the BJP ruled State's CM like Narendra Modi lavishly praised both the PM and the HM in their deft handling of our internal security. He said there was no discrimination of the Centre against the non-Congress ruled states. So, the UPA's strategy to tackle the issue in a just and honest way cannot be discounted.

But then what had happened in Pune, thereafter in West Bengal's west Midnapur district and again in Bihar's Jamui districts are matters of serious concern for India. While in the case of terrorist sponsored explosion in Pune's German Bakery that took away 10 precious lives and about 25-30 are still fighting for life in hospitals for which the Pak-based terrorists have owned responsibility, in the other two cases of Maoist attacks in WB and Bihar it was sheer display of guerilla type attacks by Maoists, thereby killing over 20 and 12 innocent police and civilians respectively who were caught unawares. The West Bengal Government of the Communist Party of India Marxists need a real soul searching and justifiable reasoning in the light of revelations by the Special IG, EFS recently as to what really went wrong and how the Maoists had such a free run, making the Eastern Frontier Services men mere 'sitting ducks' before the well-equipped Maoists. In the case of Bihar incident, it was display of sheer firepower by Maoists against unarmed, innocent Kora tribes, which was reportedly in retaliation of the killings of eight activists of proscribed CPI (Maoists) allegedly by the villagers. CM Neetish Kumar of Bihar is inquiring into the matter.

Now, that it is a clear case of fighting against the State by the outlaws and after the WB incident the Maoists' leadership had proclaimed that it was a reply to P Chidambaram's 'Operation Green Hunt', there seems hardly any scope left for talks but only India should brace up to contain this menace for ever, as the Maoists are supported by their intellectual friends within and our sworn enemies from across the border in the similar fashion they had planned and executed their operation in Nepal. Wherefrom the Indian Maoists are getting sophisticated weapons and explosives is a matter of grave intelligence inquisition at this stage. Unless this matter is taken in all its seriousness, it would prove extremely dangerous for India's existence as a united entity. We should open our eyes on what a small country like Sri Lanka had done against the LTTE, considered as one of the worst terrorist outfits in the world. Of late, it is in print that there is large-scale inflow of Communists into the Maoist's fold, as they think it is the right thing to bring total revolution in India. What would they gain from that is another matter of grave concern, as what the Nepal Maoists had gained after their victory is unclear yet. As, there is hardly any development in that country because huge economic assistance would be required to build up that entire infrastructure the revolutionaries destroyed in achieving their goal. Of course, their mentor China would volunteer to do that, as Prime Minister Prachanda, immediately after formation of his short-lived government, paid a courtesy visit to that country first. It was the swift diplomatic maneuvering that still keeps the Maoists at tenterhooks there. Most of the disarmed fighters, though now walking freely, are reportedly frustrated, as none of them could gain what they were promised when Maoists lured them mostly in their tender age for the jungle warfare.
Who will counsel the Indian Maoists, who too are under-educated, poor tribal or adivasis, mostly from the Bimaru States of the cow belt, that their leaders who promise them the sun, the moon and the stars, once the revolution is won, would also experience the same fate of jumping from the frying pan into the real fire, as the current Indian situation is not at all conducive like that of a dislodged two and half century old monarchy in Nepal. India is a democratic country and a sizable majority of Indians across the country do not subscribe to the already failed communist revolution elsewhere in the world now venturing to overtake the Indian State desperately, as we had already won our revolution from imperialism and are now progressing, though the real progress is yet to percolate down at the desired level. One would like to counsel the Indian Maoists to turn their guns against hoarders, black marketers, corrupt politician/officialdom that literally siphon off/block the flow of government funds for development/uplift of the downtrodden people, instead of hiding in jungles and terrifying, killing or using the poor tribes, adivasis and the lesser mortals as human shield. It cannot be considered as valor but only third rate Mohalla villainy.

RK Kutty

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