Saturday, February 13, 2010

Maoists feel it's the right time to enter the Telangana fray

K. Srinivas Reddy

The continuing political turmoil over the Telangana issue in Andhra Pradesh, appears to be providing a perfect chance for the Maoists to enter the fray. A definite indication to this was procured by intelligence agencies when they seized a letter written by the Maoist Central Committee secretary Muppala Laxman Rao alias Ganapathy.

Ganapathy's letter indicates that the Maoist party has already identified two persons, referred to as 'Pracharak' and 'Gaayak,' who would be the coordinators for participating in the agitation, albeit under different banners. Police did not hazard a guess as to who 'Pracharak' and 'Gaayak' were, but say the letter's tone and tenor, addressed to a certain 'Com. Sitapathi' expose the Maoist plans to infiltrate the Telangana agitation. Police believe that Sitapathi is Cherukuri Rajkumar, another Central Committee member, also hailing from Andhra Pradesh. This letter dated December 22, 2009, was seized in a raid conducted on a naxal den in North India recently.

That the Maoists feel it is the right time to enter the agitation is evident from the observation that "all progressive and democratic forces and all streams of people must be united under any banner" Ganapathy also points out that it is the "right time to rise" and asks his party colleague to issue a press release and write letters to 'Pracharak and Gaayak' on the issue.

The Maoist chief appears to be pitching for formation of four States {ndash} Telangana, Andhra, Rayalaseeema and North Coastal Andhra as he says "we should also demand firmly that Hyderabad should be in Telangana and the Central government must take complete responsibility to build capitals for the rest of A.P./Coastal A.P. and RS States."

Ganapathy said all sections must be educated that Telangana was not possible without struggle and "there is not much of any use of a new state without Hyderabad."

Calling for efforts to expose the TRS, the Congress, the TDP and the PRP, Ganapathy said his party endorsed the struggles launched by 'students, youth and employees' as they forced the Centre to accept the demands to some extent. Another interesting revelation is the Maoist plan to force all organisations involved in the agitation to prepare a 'charter of people's programmes' while intensifying the struggle.

The Maoist movement continues to be a 'setback' stage in Andhra Pradesh as conceded by the naxal leaders. Their understanding is that the naxalite party is unable to take advantage of the 'rising militant attitude' among people, as they lack the mass base. Intelligence officers who study naxalite activity say the ongoing turmoil over the Telangana issue could enable the Maoists to strike roots in Andhra Pradesh again.

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