Saturday, February 06, 2010

Maoists regularly organise people's court

by Calcuttajourno February 06, 2010

Naxals or Maoists regularly organize people’s court in their strongholds in India in front of local people.They conduct ‘trial’ of ‘corrupted’ politicians.If they found ‘guilty’,they are thrashed for ‘corruption’.In these people’s courts(Jan Adalat), first the ‘accused’ person is summoned to the ‘court’,if he refuses to comply then he is killed by Maoists.In West Bengal,Maoists regularly tried leaders and workers of political parties in people’s court for corruptions like misappropriation of funds from government run welfare schemes or local bodies-if they held guilty,they(political leaders or party workers)are forced to sign a piece of paper,severing all links to the party.if they ‘ignore’ their ‘diktat’,they face brutal consequences.Maoists Communist Centre (MCC) had been holding people’s courts specially in caste ridden Central Bihar since early 1980s.MCC targeted feudal landlords for their exploitation of the lower caste(Harijan) people.MCC first summoned landlords to the peoples courts.If they refused to comply the order,they were then beheaded or faced ‘extreme punishment’ MCC called these people’s verdict and villagers carried out the punishments

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