Saturday, February 27, 2010

Most foreign arms seized from naxals looted from forces

New Delhi, Feb 28 (PTI) Contrary to reports that Naxals have started buying foreign-made arms, most such weapons used by them are actually those looted from security forces.

As per a Home Ministry report, there were no inputs to indicate that Maoists were procuring arms from any foreign country even though they maintain fraternal links with Communist Party of Nepal and Maoists and Communist parties of countries such as Bangladesh, Bhutan and Philippines.

It said that most of the foreign-made weapons carried by Naxalites were those that have been looted from security forces.

Sources said the most common foreign-made arm used by the Naxals is the AK-47, which is usually looted from security forces during naxal raids, like in the case of recent attack on a police camp in West Bengal in which the left-wing extremists fled with about 40 weapons, including AKs.

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