Sunday, February 07, 2010

Three CPI (Maoist) members nabbed

Lucknow, Feb 7 (PTI) Three suspected members of the banned Communist Party of India (Maoist) have been arrested by Uttar Pradesh Police's Special Task Force from Gorakhpur and Allahabad districts, a senior officer said here today.

"While a woman member was arrested in Gorakhpur last evening, two more were arrested from Allahabad district late last night," Additional Director General of Police (law and order) Brij Lal told reporters.

He said that over the last few days, information was being received from various agencies that senior and active members of the banned organisation were trying to establish their base in the state.

"STF, which was developing the information, was yesterday tipped off that Asha alias Hirman Munda, who was incharge of women sub-committee of CPI (M) in UP, was active in Gorakhpur," he said.

The ADG said the STF arrested Asha from Shahpura area of Gorakhpur last evening.


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