Saturday, February 13, 2010

We were sexually exploited by comrades: Maoist women

Surrendered Naxals say they were told to ‘shut up’ by seniors

We were sexually exploited by comrades: Maoist women

Bhubaneswar/Patna, Feb 12, DHNS:

Maoists who shout from the roof-top for taking up the cause of the poor are reported to have sexually exploited their women cadres.

The startling revelation was made by a local TV news channel in Orissa and also by surrendered women cadres in Bihar. Quoting Sabita Munda who surrendered with a young male cadre Rahul Juang, OTV news report said Maoist women cadres who raise their voice against were instructed by senior leaders to remain silent.

“Whenever the exploited female Maoists raised these matters with their senior male cadres they were immediately told to shut their mouth,” the 20-year-old tribal girl who was holding the rank of an “area commander” told the news channel.

Sabita had joined the naxal movement in 2007. She admitted that she had taken part in a number of major Maoists operations in the state during the last three years.
Sabita and Rahul will be rehabilitated as per the government’s schemes for the surrendered naxal cadres.

Abuse rampant

Meanwhile, two arrested hardcore naxalites, Geeta Murmu and Anju Murmu, said they were also sexually exploited in the rebel camps.

The sisters were apprehended by the Banka police in Bihar and produced before the CRPF Commandant Rakesh Ranjan and Banka DSP Sanjay Kumar where they narrated their story.

“Twice I had to undergo abortion. On protest, I was told to keep shut or else I would be shot dead,” said Geeta, who was the “mistress” of sub-zonal naxal commander Chirag Da for the last two years.

Geeta gave graphic details of how they (a group of 200 woman naxalites) were exploited in the dense forest areas of Belhar, which is considered to be a citadel of Maoists. “Some time back, my sister Anju Murmu too joined the naxal group. One night, she was on duty manning the borders of Banka and Jamui forest, when another naxalite Battu gagged and raped her.” On the basis of their statement, two cases have been lodged at Munger and Banka police station, while the Murmu sisters were sent to jail for their involvement in several naxal attacks in the state.

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By: Harry
On: 13 Feb 2010 11:22 pm

It has nothing to do with ideology. it is organizational problem. It is not really possible to have total survellence on men on such outfits. Women should be smart enough not to join such groups or tough enough to kill their rapists in such organizations.

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By: venu
On: 13 Feb 2010 05:43 pm

what did u think abt the naxals?? they are GODSS or HOLY SAINTS?? when they dont think twice to kill some one?? will they spare a young girls?? that too in the forest,, awwwww .

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By: deba
On: 13 Feb 2010 05:34 pm

The terrorists are always terrorists. There should not be any option to say for good terrorists and bad terrorists. Killing of innocent men, women and children may not be justified by the name of any religion, ideology or any things.New types of kidnapping/highjacking/ Blackmailing were being carried out by the name of agitation in west Bengal,jhakhand,orrisa and bihar. Some terrorist group declared themselves as CPI (Maoists) ,and supported by Mamata Banerji In west bengal,Sibu soren in Jharkhand, by Nitish Kumar from Bihar ,capture some tribals or minorities villages situated at state border area, cutting roads ,obstructing National Highways and pushing the innocent tribal women and children in front of armed police force. And they not hesitate to rape innocent tribal comrade. All democratize civic people should condemned MAMATA,SIBU SOREN AND NITISH KUMAR those who support these criminals.

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By: Samual
On: 13 Feb 2010 04:33 pm

For the communists/moasists/leninists women are second class citizens. Is there a women in a prominent official position in any present or past communist country (eg USSR, China, Cuba etc - the answer is none. Brinda Karath in CPI(M) is just a show piece, the real dicisions are taken by grey haired men. Women when they join these parties should realise it!

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By: Veerendra Hegde
On: 13 Feb 2010 03:04 pm

When it comes to sex and money man will go any extent. Leave alone maoists, most of the politicians, policemen and people who call themselves celebrities do the same.

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By: Surajit Sen
On: 13 Feb 2010 06:47 am

It is all because of communism where ideology takes precedence over individual rights and the country.

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By: reddy
On: 13 Feb 2010 04:40 am

This group is an arm of China to destablise India and must be eradicated as soon as possible.

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