Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Again, cop executed Taliban-style by Naxals

Alok Pandey, Tuesday March 2, 2010, Munger, Bihar

A constable who was guarding a village in Bihar's Munger district has been beheaded by Naxals in the area.

The constable's wife tells NDTV that her husband was patrolling the village early on Tuesday morning when 50 Naxals stormed into the village. They tried to abduct the policeman and a villager, accusing them of being police informers, and of leading the police to a Naxal camp nearby a few days ago.

"I pleaded with them to kill me instead of him but they refused saying that they only want to kill the watchman,"
said Shobha Kumari, wife of killed policeman.

When other villagers tried to intervene, one of the Naxals pulled out a knife and slit the throat of the constable and the other suspected informer.

Last month, 10 villagers were killed in another Naxal attack nearby on the grounds that they were working with the police against the Naxals. (Read: Maoists kill 10 villagers in 'revenge' attack)

In October, Inspector Francis Induwar was kidnapped by Naxals from a Jharkhand market. His body was found a day later on a local highway. He had been beheaded. An accompanying note from local Naxals said Induwar's murder was their revenge for "police oppression". They kidnapped Induwar last week from a market where he was meeting a source. (Read: Naxals behead kidnapped cop, Taliban style)

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