Friday, March 19, 2010

Maoist sympathisers up in arms against 'Operation Green Hunt' in Jharkhand

2010-03-18 13:10:00

Maoist sympathisers in Jaharkhand's Latehar district have launched a protest against Operation Green Hunt, an operation launched by the Central Government against the rebels.

The Ramchandran Group, a group of human rights activists led by the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist), staged a 24-hour sit-in protest in front of the D C Office here.

Raising slogans like 'Stop Green Hunt', the protestors said the operation has been launched to kill the voices of the poor.

"Operation Green Hunt has been launched to kill the voices of poor people. There was no need for the government to launch Operation Green Hunt. They (government) could have found a solution to their problems, and the amount of money the government is spending in this operation, that money could have been the country's Prime Minister said, if they send one rupee, then only 15 paise reaches the village. Where does all the money go?" asked Pradeep Gandhu, a Maoist sympathiser.

Anjani Pandey, State Secretary of CPI (M-L), said an atmosphere of fear prevails among villagers.

Operation Green Hunt has now spread to West Singbhum, East Singbhum, Ranchi, Khuti, Latehar, Chatra, Hazaribagh and Bokaro districts of Jharkhand.

Security forces are conducting the operation to track down rebels' camps in these areas and also to build confidence among locals in security forces.

On February 22, the Maoists had offered a conditional 72-day ceasefire through the media, and said they were willing to talk to the government if it aborts Operation Green Hunt. (ANI)

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mahender said...

These idiots will only talk since their ideological comrades are being hurt. The police should publish top wanted dead or alive 20 maoist terrorists of India in newspapers and internet and then hunt. The foot soldiers will surrender at the drop of a hat. At best, these terrorists including their leaders are bullies and there is no one better at teaching them a lesson of their lives and curing them of illusions than our security forces. Go after the heads and give exemplary punishment preferably death to the terrorists.
Jai Hind!