Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Maoists give CRPF men the slip in Ghatshila

Saiful Haque
Ranchi, March 15, 2010

Security forces engaged in Operation Green Hunt to flush out the Maoists have a problem on their hands in the Naxalite-affected Ghatshila subdivision of Jharkhand's East Singhbhum.

They are finding it difficult to distinguish the rebels from villagers.

Taking advantage of the lack of foolproof information on the rebels, a group of armed Maoists on Saturday night gave the police forces the slip in the guise of villagers in Burudih on the Bengal border.

East Singhbhum SSP Naveen Kumar Singh said: "The police and paramilitary forces allowed a squad of rebels to walk away as the officer incharge mistook the rebels for villagers." A police source said intelligence was received around 11 pm that the Maoists were going to cross the Burudih-Basadera stretch.

The forces waited to ambush the squad under cover of darkness - and soon, 15 rebels, including a woman, came out of the jungle with torches in hand.

According to sources, the police personnel had taken up position to strike but the commanding officer asked them not to move. "He seemed to be in a fix… He thought the people were villagers," a source said.

The rebels were allowed to leave but villagers informed the police later that they were Maoists.

A senior police officer said: "Such casual attitude on the part of the forces paints a negative picture. This should not happen." Talking about the poor intelligence, an officer involved in the operation said communication was a problem after eight-nine hours of travel in the jungles because the batteries of the police wireless sets usually ran out.

"The state police and the CRPF are now redrawing the strategy to overcome these challenges," he said.

Nagrik Suraksha Samity chief Shankar C. Hembrom said, "The intelligence networking should be strengthened and the commanders should have adequate information on the identity of the Maoists."

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Anonymous said...

What a good work !!!
But, not blaming the Officer also as if he fires on Naxalites also, he will be surrounded by so many Human Rights Activists and Naxalite Sympathizers.