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Maoists training cadres in Guerrilla warfare in Chhattisgarh

Published on : Wednesday 03 Mar 2010 21:27 - by ANI

Narayanpura (Chhattisgarh), March 3 : Maoists are training their cadres in the usage of modern arms and ammunitions in the thick forest area of Chhattisgarhs Narayanpur District.

The huge forest areas of Bastar in Chhattisgarh state makes them favourable for the insurgent group to train their cadres.

They are also given on-the-job training through real attacks on security forces, planting of explosives, blowing up of government buildings and infrastructure. Guerrilla warfare tactics are also taught.

The trainees also include a large number of women.

The Maoists military wing in the state regularly conducts rigorous physical and arms training for its cadres.

"The training of guerilla warriors, their warfare and fighting skills is very extensive and strong. The police forces can't fight against them because they are in hiding, said Sujeet Kumar, an expert on the Naxalite Movement.

In guerilla warfare worldwide, the enemy attacks and runs away and that is what they are doing even here. In Bastar, there is jungle all around the narrow stretch of roads. So, it is easy for Maoists to attack and escape. The police forces don't even come to know," he added.

Maoists recruit children aged between six and 12 into their children's association, called Bal Sangams, where they are trained in Maoist ideology, used as informers and taught to fight with non-lethal weapons.

Kumar further said that the number of women Maoists is increasing by the day. They not only support their cause but are trained enough to carry out attacks and operations single-handedly.

"Women commanders are not just supporters but leaders. As far as their training is concerned, the women Maoists, who are capable of leading the operation, are appointed in the Bal Sangam. Students aged 6-12 are trained in the Bal Sangams, Kumar said.

After the girls attain the age of 20, they are equipped and trained enough to carry out the operations and lead from the front. These women are tried and tested several time over before handling the responsibility. The number of women Maoists is increasing day by day and I believe that in another 4-5 years their count will reach fifty percent," he added.

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Anonymous said...

An air attack will help the government to tackle the situation better.Satellite photographs will definitely help to track the locations where these naxals are residing.In jungle , it is very difficult to move in ground, but air movement is better.At least there will be no landmine fear.