Sunday, March 28, 2010

No place to house Central forces

Express News Service
First Published : 27 Mar 2010 09:45:29 AM IST

JEYPORE: The arrival of para military forces in Koraput district for the Operation Green Hunt to curb the Naxal menace has come as a concern for the district administration which is finding it difficult to accommodate them at safe places.
A total of 5,000 strong force have arrived in the district for the operation. According to reports, Koraput already has over 3,000 paramilitary forces in addition to about 1000 state police who have been housed in different temporary camps in Koraput, Kolab, Boipariguda, Jeypore, Lamipur and Naraynapatana.

In the absence of a strategic place to accommodate the additional forces, it is posing a major concern for the police officials here. The three battalions of central paramilitary forces that reached here on Thursday were diverted to Amabaguda, about 35 kilometer from here for makeshift camps, in the absence of space for them in police headquarters.

Later, they have been shifted to former Dandakarayana project which was in a dilapidated condition after completion of the project 20 years back. Now, the Ambaguda mechanic campus would be the main epicentre for paramilitary forces till the time of operation, police sources said.

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