Friday, March 19, 2010

Withdrawal of proposal for establishment of National Police University

The Union Cabinet today approved the dropping of the proposal for establishment of National Police University in view of the inherent merits in opening study centers and chairs in the existing universities.

The need for a `National Police University’ dedicated to research and dissemination of knowledge through education in police related subjects was felt for quite some time.

The approximate financial implication for the proposed University was estimated at Rs.350 crores, apart from recurring expenditure of Rs.25 crores per annum. Accordingly, a proposal was submitted to the Cabinet and `in principle’ approval was obtained in May, 2008.

Keeping in view the large requirement of resources, land, manpower etc. for the National Police University, an alternate proposal of conducting courses on police related subjects by networking the existing universities was considered. It was found that the objectives of establishing the National Police University can be met by pursuing the alternate proposal in a lesser time by utilizing the existing infrastructure in various universities. In the above background, it was felt that the proposal for National Police University may be dropped.

Setting up of a full-fledged university would mean a further investment in the areas where capacity already exists. Therefore, the alternate proposal of organizing courses in police related subjects in the existing universities appear to be a better option.


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