Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Maoists are 'cowards enacting dramas': PC

Express news service Posted online: Monday , Apr 05, 2010 at 1326 hrs

Chennai : The Maoist ultras, the current ‘enemy number one’ of the Indian State, would be routed in the coming two to three years, declared Union Home Minister P Chidambaram, speaking hours after the landmine blast that killed army personnel in Orissa on Sunday.
Lashing out at the ultra reds for their acts against the State, he declared that the Government was firm on uprooting the insurgent movement, whom Chidambaram termed were the primary enemies of the State.

Naxals were not friends of the poor as they claim but rather were ‘cowards enacting dramas’ who destroyed schools and rails and hijacked trains, he added, recalling the several attacks they launched in the recent past.

“If they have courage, they should take part in democratic processes and face elections. Who is stopping them from winning elections?” asked the former Finance Minister who was speaking at a Union Budget explanatory meeting organised by a local unit of the party near Chennai late on Sunday night.

The Union Budget has set aside a mammoth amount of over Rs 40,000 crores to battle Naxals and other separatists in the North Eastern States, who posed a serious challenge to the nation’s internal security, said the Home Minister justifying the large expenditure. “The Union Government,” asserted Chidambaram, “is firm on uprooting them in two to three years.”

Taking a swipe at former allies, the Left parties, Chidambaram said two years ago, the CPM members who spoke inside the Parliament opposed army or paramilitary involvement in the battle against Naxals. “But now, the West Bengal Chief Minister is advising me to deploy the military to crush terrorists. I am happy that wisdom has dawned at least now.”

Pointing out that Naxal heartland West Midnapore district had as many as 21 Assembly constituencies, Chidambaram said it was impossible for a district collector or district superintendent of police to administer such a vast area.

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