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AP police find incriminating documents at Hem Pandey's house

Rakhi Chakrabarty, TNN, Nov 15, 2010, 04.03am IST

NEW DELHI: A raid by Andhra Pradesh police at the Shastri Nagar house of journalist Hem Chandra Pandey, killed along with Maoist spokesperson Azad in an encounter in Adilabad forest, yielded piles of Maoist literature, documents, CDs and letters.

The contents of the CDs couldn't be read though. They seem to be encrypted, said sources. The bound volumes were meant for internal circulation among the CPI-Maoist members. The AP police team seized 68 copies of Maoist financial policy, 210 copies of the banned outfit's cadre policy, 66 copies of Maoist strategy and tactics, 63 copies of `Political Resolution', 103 copies of `Peoples War: Political Organ of CPI-Maoist' and 246 copies of `CPI-Maoist: Ideology and Preface'.

Around 500 copies of `Shahari Kaam ke Baare Mein' in Hindi, detailing Maoist activities, strategy and propaganda in urban areas, came as a revelation. There were also 46 copies of the English version of the document. Documents on Maoist war strategy and field manual and the People's Liberation Army are expected to provide insights about the outfit.

In addition, sources claimed, the AP police team found documents on anti- personnel mines and a document detailing `How to use handgun' during the raid at the second floor apartment where the Pandeys had rented on February 7. Pandey was killed in the encounter on July 2. His wife Babita alias Binita Pandey left the house on July 2 and hasn't returned since.

Babita said, "I had told the landlady to rent out the apartment if she wanted and keep my stuff with her." She plans to file a writ petition in Supreme Court seeking a probe into the encounter where Pandey was killed.

Armed with a search warrant from Delhi's Tis Hazari court, the AP police broke open the lock of the apartment. Raj Bala, landlady of the A-96 house where the Pandeys lived, her son Vikas and neighbours were taken as witnesses by the AP police team before they entered the two-room apartment.

Speaking to TOI, Pankaj Gupta, a neighbour who was also a witness, said, "The AP police team broke the lock to enter the apartment in front of me. I was present throughout while the police searched the house."

Slamming the raid, Pandey's wife Babita on Sunday said, "This is a malicious propaganda by Andhra police to hide the fact that they had killed my husband." She said this was an attempt by the AP police to harass her. "Without taking my permission, the police raided our house and now they are showing the seizure of objectionable things from the house," she said.

She denied she had given a wrong address to the AP police when she had gone to claim Pandey's body. An AP police officer claimed Babita gave them the Shastri Nagar address only after she was questioned on September 30 at Swami Aginivesh's Delhi office.

About the documents found in her house, she said, "Hem was deeply interested in literature and politics. The claim that there were secret documents in my house is completely baseless."

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