Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jawans escape mine blast

GAYA: Continuing their offensive in the Sherghati sub-division of Gaya district, Maoists on Friday and Saturday continued their offensive to terrorize voters and campaigners to make their poll boycott call effective in the region regarded as Red zone. Over a dozen central para-military force (CPMF) personnel had a narrow escape as a landmine laid near Salaiya Sitpur Mor under Dumaria police station area of the district exploded minutes before the Central forces were to pass through the explosion point.

A Tata-407 load of BSF personnel were to cross the landmine point, as per reports reaching district headquarters. Those having a narrow escape include Hasinuddin, a junior police officer posted in the Dumaria police station.
In yet another incident, three can bombs were found placed on the ve-randah of Government Urdu Primary School at Kathakbigha village under Naxal-affected Amas police station of the district.

The can bombs were detected well in time and the school building was saved from almost certain destruction. The can bombs were detected on Saturday morning. literature justifying the poll boycott call given by the Maoists and calling the entire democratic exercise a sham to prolong status quoism and exploitation of the under-privileged sections were also found littered on the school verandah.

As per reports, some of the Naxal literature repeated the old rhetorics expressing class solidarity with the constabulary and making distinction between the rank and file of the police force. Sherghati SDPO Mahendra Prasad confirmed the detection of can bombs planted in the school build-ing.

Asked if the can bombs have been defused, the SDPO said that experts have arrived to handle and defuse the unexploded can bombs. According to sources, extra precaution was being taken in the matter of can bomb disposal in view of the accidental explosion on November 8 in Banke Bazar block. Two members of the Bomb Disposal Squad of Bihar Military police were killed while handling can bombs on Banke Bazar block premises. Two SAP Jawans and three TV journalists including a camera-man were also injured in the incident.

On Friday evening, the Maoists organized a torchlight procession under Dumaria police station area of the district in support of the poll boycott call. As per reports, the torchlight procession passed through Rachia, Tandwa and Katkiniya villages under Dumaria police station and con-cluded in the nearby forests. However, according to Sherghati SDPO, the police did not have any information about the torchlight procession taken out by the Maoists.

Earlier in the week, Maoists torched at least three campaign vehicles and torched the RJD election office at Mathurapur village under Gurua as-sembly constituency.

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