Friday, November 19, 2010

Omar warns of growing Maoist-terrorist nexus

November 19, 2010
Updated 14:16 IST

Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Friday warned of a growing nexus between Maoists and the militants in his state.

Speaking at the India Today State of States Awards ceremony in the national capital, Abdullah blamed Left-thinking academics and Maoist sympathisers for that. He said they were trying to stir trouble in the valley by organising seminars there.

"What for a lot of states is a theory of how to deal with it (militancy), we have been dealing with it in practical terms for 20 years now. We have seen the effect on development, the effect on governance of insurgency," the young chief minister said.

He said efforts were being made to build bridges between Naxals and militants in the state. In this context, it was disturbing to see Maoist sympathisers moving to Srinagar.

"While we have no experience with the Maoist insurgency, of late, we find effort being made to build bridges between the Maoists and Naxalites of rest of India with the militants of Kashmir and also some Left-thinking academicians and students in Jammu region as well," Abdullah said.

"What we have lived through is the actual effects of violence and insurgency on every aspect of governance, on our ability to generate investment, on our ability to actually govern, on our ability to conduct an election in which people are free to vote as they wish to, on our ability to provide basic services," he added.

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