Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sexual abuse and mental tortured ' women Maoist surrenders

TNN, Nov 17, 2010, 01.38am IST


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BANKURA: Alleging sexual abuse and mental torture in the hands of her comrades, a woman Maoist squad member surrendered before Bankura SP Pranab Kumar on Tuesday.

Rumpa Mahato alias Sujata surrendered with a 9mm pistol, 11 cartridges and plenty of revolutionary' literature at the SP's office. The daughter of a daily labourer at Majurkata village in West Midnapore's Salboni, Rumpa told the SP that she had been lured by Maoists about two years ago from her home with the promise of work. The 21-year-old is a Class VIII dropout.

Rumpa said she initially liked the Maoists' mission' and willingly went along with them. In her confessions to the SP, Rumpa said: "I met Kishanji. I also had several interactions with Maoist squad leaders Bikash and Bikram at arms training sessions. I was involved in several Maoist operations, mainly in Nayagram and Gopiballavpur. I also participated in the Lalgarh movement of the Maoists."

But Rumpa said she was being physically and mentally tortured by the male squad members for many days now. "I could no longer bear this torture," she said. She also grew disillusioned with the Maoist movement and described the ongoing killings by the ultras as "anti-social activities".

The SP said Rumpa's statements would be verified. "She seems to be suffering from fear psychosis. She was involved in many incidents and we are cross-checking her statement with West Midnapore police," said Kumar.

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