Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weed out Naxals, Buddha tells police & people

Express News Service Posted online: Mon Nov 15 2010, 07:01 hrs

Balarampur : In a strong message to the Maoists, Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee on Sunday directed the police to weed out the Naxals from Purulia’s Ayodhya Hills, which he said has become the safe haven of the ultras.
“The Maoists are hiding in the jungles of Ayodhya hills. From there, they are carrying out killings in Balarampur, Arsha and Jhalda. I have asked the police to weed them out of the Ayodhya hills and to ensure that they cannot stay there,” Bhattacharjee said at a rally in Balarampur in Purulia.

Last month, Intelligence Branch officer Partha Biswas and NGO worker Soumyajit Basu were abducted by the Maoists from the Hills. The chief minister also referred about th duo saying, “We are trying our best to rescue them alive.”

He said both had gone to Ayodhya Hills to teach the locals a novel and eco-friendly way of cooking. “But the Maoists mistook them as police spies and abducted them,” he added.

“I have received letters from schoolgirls who have complained that they were afraid to go to school because they were being threatened by Maoists on their way. Shall we tolerate this? We shall have to resist them at all costs,” said Bhattacharjee and added that the Naxals have killed more than 44 people in Balarampur, Baghmundi and Arsha in the recent past.

Accusing the Maoists of trying to usurp power in the state and the Centre, the chief minister said his government would not allow the ultras to raise their heads. “I have asked the police to see that Maoists cannot raise their heads in Purulia, Bankura and West Midnapore.”

“Let us pledge that we will not allow Maoists to raise their heads. The government will stand by you with all its power,” he told the people who had gathered to listen to him.

Bhattacharjee said the Left Front staunchly opposes violence and bloodshed and wants peace to be re-established in the state. “But how that will happen, is up to the people to decide,” he said.

The chief minister accused his political rival, the Trinamool Congress, of “holding the hands of Maoists as it was unable to defeat the Left Front politically”.

“Maoists are not only killing CPM workers. They are also killing those belonging to the Forward Bloc, the CPI and RSP. As the Trinamool Congress cannot defeat the Leftists politically, it stands to gain if activists of the Left parties are killed,” he added.

Bhattacharjee took a dig at Trinamool saying “They are shouting that they will provide jobs. But where are the jobs going to come from? We don’t say anything. We believe in doing, and we are constantly doing.”

He also argued against the Trinamool claim that the Maoist-affected districts like Purulia have been neglected by the Left Front government in the last 34 years.

“There was no development in these areas during the Congress regime. The Left Front government has developed agriculture over here. We are working hard to provide more employment to this area’s people under the NREGS,” he said.

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