Thursday, August 27, 2020

Who Are The Leaders of Maoist Movement? No Surprises! Upper Caste Brahmins Only

It is no surprise that from Indian media to courts and almost every sphere of life, Brahmins who constitute around 5% of the total population of India, dominate, filling almost all the top positions and using Dalit-Bahujans for their own motives. Maoist movement in India is no different.

The Adivasis, the sons of the soil, in spite of being 30% of the population of Chattisgarh, are incapable of organising themselves into their own political party and capturing political power in the state. The castes that are in micro-minority are ruling the roost in Chattisgarh. Adivasis aren’t able to put up any opposition, through constitutional means, to the pro-capitalists, anti-Adivasis government policies.

I wonder, then, how few Adivasis are in a position to engage into unconstitutional means and organise themselves to fight a guerrilla warfare against a mighty state apparatus? How are the impoverished Adivasis in a position to buy the kind of weapons and equipment required to fight the military might of Indian state?

Cannot believe that this is possible without an invisible support of some very powerful and rich people/organisations with lots of resources and skills to organise a guerrilla force. The moot question is who are those invisible people/organisations? Who are the beneficiaries of the ongoing fight between the security forces and the Maoists?

Here are some of the Maoist leaders:

– Katakam Sudharshan alias Anand

– Muppala Lakshmana Rao alias Ganapathy

– Kobad Gandhy

– Narayan Sanyal

– Sushil Mishra

– Prashant Bose alias Kishan

– Sabyasachi Panda

– Thippari Tirupathi

– Malla Raj Reddy

– Kadari Satyanarayan Reddy

– Pulluri Prasad Rao

Can you notice something? Ok, look again at the surnames, if you have not noticed at first. All of them are so-called upper castes, mostly Brahmins.

Go through the Politburo members of Maoists and you can’t find a single person native to Chhattisgarh or Jharkhand or Dalit-Bahujans.

People’s War Group (PWG) and the Maoist Communist Centre (MCC), merged and renamed Maoist Party, are headed by Brahminical upper castes. But those fighting and falling dead facing police bullets are Dalit-Bahujans people. Which is the worrying part, as usual, Brahminical forces and so-called upper caste leaders have designed tactics to fool Dalit-Adivasis and have made them foot-soldiers while they themselves are sitting in the air conditioned offices.

When so-called upper castes fail to misguide Dalit-Bahujans on the name of religion they devise another plan to exploit Dalit-Bahujans in the name of “Revolution” and “Class”, make Dalit-Bahujans angry a bit and hand over them some guns to fight for their own cause.

Will Dalit-Bahujans get a share in power even if Maoists’ so called “Revolution” ever succeeded? No, it’s beyond imagination.

Maoists claim that they are fighting for the rights of oppressed communities, Dalits, Adivasis and Tribals whose land and resources have been taken by Indian Brahminical governments and the Brahminical corporate world. Maoist leaders should understand it first that who are looting these oppressed communities are their caste group people, Brahmin-Banias/upper castes not someone else.

All the leadership positions in Maoists/Naxalites are filled with so-called upper castes – Brahmins but those who are made to fight are tribal and lower castes people. Why? Same way as in general these so-called upper castes use Dalit-Bahujans at the time of Hindu-Muslims riots or at the time of elections. After using, these so-called upper castes have always thrown Dalits out or have shown them their place in the society.


The entire Naxalite foot soldiers are our village-dwelling people — SC/ST/BCs, landless labourers or small farmers —who constitute over 65% of the country’s population and the worst deprived lot. The upper castes having scented the deep discontentment within the SC/ST/BCs exploited these innocents and taken over their leadership.

The Maoist movement continues to ignore varna/caste while still dependent on Dalit-Bahujans to win power; Dalits are doomed to see their struggle for equal rights and justice betrayed by the new Brahmins, the leaders of the Maoist movement.

P.S. – The Adivasis of Bastar are so ingenuous that they do not even know the value of the things like wooden toys, metallic toys, Bamboo products, other tribal art, they produce. One can buy these products at dirt cheap prices at Jagdalpur. How can such innocent people wage a war against the state unless they are brainwashed by external forces into this war?

Author – Jayant Pathri and Velivada Team


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