Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Bihar: Naxals kidnap and murder a pujari, dump mangled body in jungle

Naxals kidnap and murder a temple pujari in Lakhisarai, Bihar (representational image courtesy: zeenews)

In Bihar’s Lakhisarai, Naxals kidnapped a pujari, Neeraj Jha, and killed him a week later. His body was later dumped in a jungle. This has angered the local residents. Jha was kidnapped by Naxals on 23rd August who used his phone to make ransom call demanding Rs 1 crore to his family. Even as the family members awaited his safe return, the Naxals killed him and dumped his body in the jungle.

The body was so badly mangled that the family took very long to ascertain whether it was Neeraj Jha. At first the family members failed to recognise him. Later, his brother Pankaj Jha, recognised him from the janeu he was wearing.

The incident comes a month after Maoists kidnapped three people including a teacher who was later set free. Later, a fierce encounter broke out between the security forces and the Maoists at the Lakhisarai-Munger border. Unconfirmed reports later suggested that the remaining two, the mukhiya of panchayat and the moneylender, were also released

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